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Criminal Law FAQ


Do I need a lawyer even if I am innocent?

It is common for people to get charged for crimes they are innocent of committing. Having an attorney is your best line of defense against this type of situation. Furthermore, people who have committed one crime may be wrongfully accused of a series of other crimes – ones they did not commit.

An experienced attorney from Aguirre Law Group can help you address the accusations and help develop a strong plan to handle these charges.

How do a misdemeanor and a felony vary?

The two charges are based upon the severity of the crime committed. Typically, a misdemeanor is set for a lesser crime and punishment is limited to one year or less. A felony is the charge for a more serious crime with prison time exceeding one year and one day.

What is bail?

Bail is a quantity of money or property that the defendant has to give the court to ensure that they will return to court when requested. If the individual does return when required and does not break the conditions of their bail, then the money can be returned, even if they are convicted.

How much should I expect to pay for a lawyer?

The cost of hiring an attorney for your defense in a criminal case depends on the severity of your charge and the facts surrounding the case. Aguirre Law Group can provide a consultation to assess how much the defense will cost.

In what ways will a criminal record affect me?

A criminal conviction or history can tarnish your image and potential opportunities unless you have a record suspension. If not, your criminal record may affect future job opportunities, difficulty entering other countries, serving more time in the case of future convictions, prohibitions of firearms or alcohol, and the weight of a social stigma.

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